The NHS STP (Sustainability & Transformation Plan) for Mid & South Essex (Success Regime Essex – SRE) is currently under review by our Councils. Local Councillors – your elected representatives – have the strong ability to influence and oppose this plan and tell the NHS England they won’t let them adversely affect the health of everybody living and visiting this part of Essex IF they agree to downgrade our A&E to a walk in centre which only accepts ambulances carrying certain conditions referred by a GP.

You can assist the campaign by writing to your local councillors and to your MP stating your concerns and demanding that Southend keeps it’s 24 hour Blue Light emergency care facility.

You can find your local councillors and MP if you follow this link and put in your postcode.  There is also the facility to fill in your concerns and it is sent straight to them.

Things that you could raise with them – it is best to use your own words rather than copy these as if thy just recive the same words again and again they are likely to ignore those letter.

  1. Tell them where you live and how much further it would be to Basildon
  2. Any health issues you and/or your family have where you would be directly impacted
  3. Any situations you have faced before where you’ve used an Ambulance
  4. That you can see this impacting the safety of residents in Southend




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