We are a group of local residents who have come together to initially set up a Facebook page to raise awareness of what is proposed in the our local STP (Sustainability & Transformation Plan) for Mid & South Essex (Success Regime Essex – SRE).

It is our belief that not enough residents of Southend (and beyond) know about the impact of the proposals which suggest the lose of a 24 hour blue light A&E at Southend Hospital.  We will not accept a walk in centre, where emrgency Ambulances are refused and sent directly to Basildon.

We want to ensure as many residents as possible are up to date with the proposals before the public consulation in October 2017. 


Save Southend A&E is non political and we welcome anyone who supports our cause regardless of their political leanings, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it is the Conservative Government driven.


Yes, as it’s the elected representatives (MPs and Councillors) who have the strong ability to influence and oppose this plan and tell the NHS England what their constituents think.  We hope that all the political parties will be supporting us and working with us, as EVERYONE regardless of gender, race, religion and political persuasion will be affected.


Sign the petition and write to your MP first of all (please!)

And then if you can help in other ways, volunteering to hands out leaflets, donating to get leaflets printed, passing out petitions at your club or group, collating information.  Any skill or assistance you think you could offer we would be very grateful. Contact us and we can talk

This is a real case of a Community coming together to make a real difference for now and future generations.  We are just ordinary people from all walks of life hoping we can be an influence.


For absolute clarity, the Save Southend A&E campaign is not affiliated to any political party. We are a politically diverse group of local residents and our membership spans a broad range of political opinions.

We are all however agreed that the Essex Success Regime plans to downgrade the A&E services at our hospital must be halted and reversed permanently.
We will continue to publicly endorse a politician of any party who says the right things about the Save Southend A&E campaign focus and also publicly criticise a politician of any party who says the wrong things.

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