Long and detailed post. You need to read it and understand just WHY #SaveSouthendNHS so strongly object to The Mid and South Essex STP. Their principles ‘claim’ to be bringing much of your care ‘closer to home’ however, the whole disgraceful and dangerous plan is financially motivated to ensure they have saved in excess of £400 million by 2021 from the now (conveniently) merged Southend, Broomfield and Basildon Hospitals.

The principles contained in their public consultation are flawed at almost every level and will enforce a postcode lottery for care on the 1.5 million people the combined hospitals serve. Critically ill patients will face longer journeys to obtain so called ‘specialist’ care – care that mostly is currently available at your LOCAL hospital but will be centralised and re-branded as ‘specialist’ – just now further away – if you survive the journey by their unplanned, un-staffed, un-costed ‘internal transport service’ allegedly to be manned with highly skilled Doctors and Nurses.

Ok so let’s point out 2 things – the numbers of Doctors and Nurses are at a critical level. Where are they going to magic these staff from to man a 24/7 transport service to keep you alive down the A130 or A127 in order to access your ‘specialist care’. We hear you cry BUT WHAT ABOUT THE AMBULANCE SERVICE?? Indeed, our army in green are amazing yet they too are in crisis, often unable to meet response times for the most life-threatening of emergencies, let alone with the increased burden of transporting a ‘guesstimated’ upwards of 775 very unwell patients PER MONTH between Southend, Bas and Broomfield.

YES 775 critically ill patients being shunted around Essex for emergency surgery, stroke care, orthopaedic issues, breathing problems. Disgusting – yet marketed as being in your best interests. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/…/15909025.More_patients_will_h…/
If you have the time, read the links below that give a full and detailed picture of the NHS staffing crisis and a view from the floor on how the NHS could be fixed.

Whilst you’re at it – remind yourself please by watching this speech at our rally from an actual Consultant, a brave one who really actually cares about people and isn’t just in it for the cash, or a step up the career ladder, or a job in the Department of Health (unlike the Clinicians on the STP team) once the STP has ‘delivered’ and CEO Ms. Panniker has been awarded a chest full of medals by Jeremy Hunt. https://www.facebook.com/mark.beadle.79/videos/10156153072269540/

Let’s not forget the ‘integrated community hubs’ also called ‘GP Hubs’ or ‘Locality Hubs’ depending on who you speak to and all meant to confuse you even further so you don’t comment or voice your angst at their public consultation. Are THEY bringing your care closer to home? Are they hell. The small, personal, familiar surgeries are for the kosh – partly due to the huge local and national GP shortage and partly because the Government’s STPs both here in Essex and nationally would much prefer to have the likes of Virgin, G4S or Care UK ‘managing’ the contracts for these shiny new health centres….that won’t be as close to where you live as your current practice and will likely be part of an ACO or ACS (for those that aren’t aware what these are – we shall explain further down the line so as not to confuse you – just know that they are NOT good news for our NHS). GP Hubs will serve a much larger population group and you will have a variety of hoops to get through including receptionist ‘triage’ and numerous other practitioners (if they can find any – remember that health professional crisis?) before you ever get the chance to see a GP.

The Mid and South Essex STP is bad news for the majority (of yet un-consulted) staff who will be forced to work across sites and don’t want to, and bad for us, as patients – as those staff will leave and then we will be in a bigger mess than we are in already but we think that’s what they want – especially for Southend. Run it down, run it into the ground, make it un-safe, make it fail, increase the vacancy rate – then they have every excuse to transfer out even more specialities than those currently on the table. We aren’t scaremongering. We are angry and we are well informed by those in the know and we trust the real Doctors far more than the Spin doctors.
So what can you do?

Attend the STP discussion events listed via this link and ask them questions https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/mid-amp-south-essex-sustaina…
Sign our petition https://you.38degrees.org.uk/…/stop-the-mid-south-essex-stp…
Follow our page and invite your friends, share our posts, get the message out there.
Write to your MP and elected Councillors – https://www.writetothem.com
Respond to the Mid and South Essex public consultation by emailing your views to england.midsouthessexstp@nhs.net cc’ing in your MP. You can also write to them via this address – STP Programme Management Office
Mid and South Essex STP
Swift House
Colchester Road
Essex CM2

Above all, remember how their team lied to everyone about the A&E downgrades being clinically led (we smashed that claim to pieces!) look further than the glossy images, pretty presentations and questionable evidence base – any scheme which cuts an already underfunded NHS even further to the bone in order to save an extra £400 million really is NOT going to be better for your health. #StopTheSTP#SavesouthendNHS

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