For anyone who missed it – here’s this evening’s local news with the sudden revelation that Southend, Basildon and Chelmsford hospitals are to be merged into one massive Hospital Trust covering the entire Mid & South Essex area. The plans were rubber-stamped by management today having only been announced yesterday.

This leaves a huge question mark hanging over the public consultation we’re in the middle of – What’s the point of asking us when a decision has already been made to merge all three hospitals?

More questions exist over the legality of plans to create an Accountable Care Organisation (ACO) at the same time the hospitals are merged and a Judical Review of this is currently taking place. The formation of an ACO is seen as the first step towards wholesale privatisation of the NHS, with the provision of health care sold off to a multi-national company like of Richard Branson’s Virgin Healthcare. Profit not people will then be the focus, with health services rationed and unprofitable treatments limited to those who can afford to pay.

Now, more than ever, we need to come together as one and fight with everything we’ve got to save our NHS! Sign our petition!


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