So there you have it across the national news networks today – a merger of the three hospitals – no consultation either with public or staff and the focus on savings and efficiencies with a footnote to improvement in patient care, which as we know from the STP plans, are clinically flawed and unsupported by the vast majority of ‘on the floor’ clinicians and will achieve nothing greater than a healthcare postcode lottery especially for those in the Southend Hospital catchment. 

There has been zero staff discussion on how anyone feels about the ‘opportunities’ everyone will have by working for this now huge single Trust which quite frankly is despicable and shows precisely what is thought about their workforce and the catchment populations served.

Our NHS is in crisis, thousands of operations have been cancelled up and down the country and our emergency departments are at breaking point. It’s time to stand up and be counted.

Make your voices heard and attend our rally to highlight that WE, the public, own the NHS and we have a right to be listened to. All welcome, no party politics, just NHS fighters united. Peaceful, family friendly demonstration 27.01.18 12pm assemble Pier Hill. Get making your banners and placards! Also sign our petition via this link…/stop-the-mid-south-essex-stp…#SaveSouthendNHS

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