Our response to Chief Exec Claire Panniker on her planned ‘Transfer Teams’ from the Echo article here

#SaveSouthendNHS are really struggling to understand exactly WHAT is being transferred out around the county Ms. Panniker and why you will need your own ‘in house’ transfer service to do this????? That’s the 64 million dollar question. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AND WHO WILL BE AFFECTED.
You’re the Chief Exec of 3 hospitals in charge of making over £400 million in savings over the next few years. This scheme has been YEARS in the making yet it has been so poorly executed that just weeks before public consultation, you keep peddling press articles on plans which NO ONE KNOWS ANY CONCRETE DETAILS ABOUT. To us, after the sham of the proposals downgrading our A&Es and the high level mistruths and spin you demonstrated, is it surprising that no-one trusts the Success Regime to actually do anything which truly is in patient’s best interests?? You promised transparency, admitted mistakes yet you’re repeating them over and over again.

So Ms. Panniker, do please enlighten us to WHICH patients are you referring to when you say,
“These are sick patients so they will need doctors, nurses and anaesthetists to transfer with them so we will have our own transfer team.”

We want YOU to tell the public what conditions will or won’t be seen or stay as an inpatient at Southend hospital? WHERE will they be transferred to when they need treatment – Basildon? Broomfield? Who will go where when they have pneumonia, break their hip, have a stroke, have a fit, need emergency surgery, have sepsis or other infection, have a diabetic problem, have a road accident ETC ETC ETC. Who get’s to stay and be treated at their LOCAL hospital and who enters the hospital lottery and needs to be transferred out? We are all for specialist care if it is clinically indicated but you are failing to give us that evidence. Of course, you’ll say it’s all going to be on a ‘case by case’ basis blah blah but the reality is, for example, if a Consultant says a patient in A&E at Southend with a critical gastric issue needs an emergency operation and all the gastric surgeons are relocated to Broomfield, yet the patient isn’t well enough to survive the journey or there’s no ‘transfer team’ available – THEY AREN’T GOING TO SURVIVE.

Our campaign KNOW what your plans are, the ones you keep saying are in the best interests of patient outcomes, yet consistently do not provide ANY clinical evidence to back them up when repeatedly asked for by us, by Councillors and by your own clinicians! You still aren’t ‘listening’ despite every press release saying you are.
Thanks to an army of clinical sources who are outraged about your shambolic plans (which actually will require £118 Million to implement across the 3 sites) WE KNOW that most of what you’d like to do is in NO WAY A) going to work and B ) Clinically indicated to improve patient outcomes.
We will fight you on behalf of our community.

SaveSouthendNHS have not yet published the proposed drastic changes to our local hospital service, mainly because your whole regime is so chaotic that those plans change and evolve with the wind. This is also due to none of it being properly thought out or you having the support of the clinical staff who are integral to its’ delivery and implementation. Unlike you, we want to ensure the public actually have the correct information to be able to respond to the public consultation effectively when it eventually is announced.

We aren’t in the business of delivering any spin. Even your own Programme Director Andrew Vowels could not answer correctly at Council Scrutiny last night when figures of patients who would be transferred were questioned. He said 5 per day but he eventually acknowledged his maths were wrong when pulled up and he conceded it was actually going to affect 30-40 patients per day to be transferred. Here’s a man who is undoubtedly on a very large salary to ‘not know much’ when questioned. For more spin, please see the second article in The Echo today which we will post in the comments.

Finally, where on earth do you think you’ll recruit the staff from to work on your ‘transfer vehicles’. If you poach some of them from the East of England Ambulance service then that depletes their ambulances from responding to local emergencies. If you think you’ll use ‘in house’ nurses and doctors then you’ll be leaving already understaffed units and wards even more short staffed. If you think you’ll recruit from outside, please tell us how, as you already have a huge issue recruiting and retaining your workforce….possibly due to the 25% of staff who said they felt bullied by senior management in their response to your survey (but that’s another whole new story in itself).#EssexEcho #SuccessRegime #STP#CCG #Southend #Broomfield #BTUH #Basildon #MEHT

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