In less than 4 months since our Save Southend A&E campaign launched, we have rapidly secured huge public support and awareness of the proposals to close the doors to 999 emergency ambulance admissions at Southend Hospital A&E. These proposals would have undoubtedly cost the lives of local residents if we had allowed the future public consultation to slip by, un-noticed.

This monumental U-turn by the Mid and South Essex Success Regime bears testament to the incredible power of ordinary people, united as a community to achieve a common goal.

The strength of public feeling and overwhelming clinical evidence in our favour, has forced the Success Regime and local politicians to concede that these plans are un-workable, unsafe and lacking any rationale other than financial savings.
Essex Success Regime contrived to mislead the public throughout the course of its’ work, misrepresenting information and failing to provide any satisfactory clinical evidence for many of its’ claims and assertions.

We will continue to call out any further attempts to reduce or adversely affect standards of service provision planned for the public in the Southend area and shall continue to work alongside our fellow campaign groups in Basildon and Broomfield to scrutinise future plans which may impact upon the safety of residents across Essex.

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