If ‘rumours’ are indeed true, this week ‘could’ deliver the news that our #SaveSouthend campaign has successfully made enough noise to halt proposals which may have led to 999 emergency ambulances not being allowed admission to Southend A&E – in favour of dangerous and prolonged transfers direct to Basildon.

We are sure you will see numerous press releases claiming that it was never on the cards, but you all know the real truths from the spin by now ( thankfully!).

We have remained clinically focused from the outset and have relentlessly worked to ensure that local residents understood the real impact on lives that this would have. The Essex Success Regime plans would have undoubtedly worsened the survival chances of residents in this area as you know from all the senior medical professionals who have bravely and publicly spoken out, confirming our fears.

We have continually had to explain the deliberately misleading information given to the public by both politicians and the Success Regime but thankfully, that message seemed to FINALLY get through – assisted by the media attention #SaveSouthend attracted both locally and nationally. There was no way we were ever going to allow a public consultation to slip by un-noticed and unchallenged. They chose to ignore the many clinicians who had repeatedly told them how dangerous this was – now begs the question – can we trust them with the rest of the STP? ( The answer is NO – even if the A&E downgrades are halted, we will still watch like hawks whilst they attempt to reorganise the other services).

We have also been greatly assisted by some brilliant local councillors who have robustly listened and questioned plans, in order to ensure they represent the best interests of their residents.

Most importantly, if there is to be any celebration later this week, then the real ‘SUCCESS’ will be down to YOU – the supporters of our #SaveSouthend A&E campaign. Working together as a united community will be the REAL reason that politicians put a stop to this. Thank you!

Our committee are ELATED that so many thousands of people joined us for this fight and now we shall watch and wait with everything crossed for a statement in black and white that our full 24 Hour Blue Light A&E is really saved.

The Save Southend A&E team.

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