Tonight (22.06.17) supporters and committee members from the campaign attended the extra ordinary council meeting at Rochford District Council where the team from Essex Success Regime presented their proposals to Councillors and the public. They were joined by Dr. Caroline Howard who is the Clinical Director of Southend A&E and also Clinical Director for Medicine at Southend Hospital. Following the presentation of the proposals for the 3 types of A&E that the Success Regime want to implement, Dr. Howard was asked her opinion on the proposals and she said she was attending in her capacity as Lead A&E Consultant and also speaking on behalf of her counterparts and both Broomfield and Basildon.

She stated that that she DOES NOT AGREE with the proposals for having just one specialist A&E and said that the longer you have to travel, the more likely you are to die. 

Dr. Howard continued to say,
“As a Clinician, I need to do the best for my patients and this is NOT the best outcome for them”.
Despite numerous local Councillors voicing their fears, most which echoed the concerns constantly raised by our Save Southend campaign, Dr. Fenton, Clinical Director from the Success Regime and Tom Abell, Success Regime’s Chief Transformation Officer DISAGREED with Dr. Howard’s highly informed and patient focused opinion and remained resolute that the proposals to have only one specialist A&E was the way forward.

Public Consultation has been pushed back to December 2017. 

One Councillor asked each representative to answer in one word if they felt outcomes for patients would be ‘better’ or ‘worse’ if the proposals go ahead for just one ‘specialist A&E’ – Dr. Howard stated ‘worse’ whilst Dr. Fenton and Tom Abell stated ‘better’. We know who we trust and thankfully, feedback after the meeting from local councillors in attendance reassured us that they indeed will be taking this matter very seriously indeed. 

A full audio transcript of the meeting will be available and the team from #SaveSouthend will be meeting with members from Essex Success Regime in the near future. 

Now more than ever we need to be as vocal as possible in our campaign and fight the proposals to downgrade our A&Es. We remain united with Basildon and Broomfield Hospitals to prevent this. We have always maintained that our campaign is clinically driven, clinically backed and has the lives of local residents at it’s heart – tonight this was proved publicly thanks to Dr. Howard. Let’s continue to fight as a community united in the one single aim of preventing loss of life. Let’s #SaveSouthend A&E, #DefendBroomfield and #SaveBasildon. Stay informed with our updates on the page and on our website

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