For those who are confused – Success Regime Essex favoured is Option 2A – please see documents section. 

Option 2A DOWNGRADES Southend A&E to a ‘yellow local emergency centre’. This will NOT ACCEPT blue light ambulances carrying patients with serious of life threatening emergencies AT ANY TIME. They will bypass Southend A&E and have to travel straight to the designated ‘specialist emergency centre’ at Basildon.

It doesn’t matter how ‘time critical’ that emergency is – the ambulance will have to battle through congested roads to get to Basildon. THIS WILL COST LIVES. We are part of a 44 area Government plan (STP) to restructure and centralise health services which is financially driven. We refuse to allow the lives of ourselves, friends, family and local community to become ‘collateral damage’ in the name of savings.


Our campaign is supported by medical personnel from all disciplines. Trust the people on the floor – not the press and MPs. The real facts are here. #SaveSouthend

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