At #SaveSouthend, we like to consider all of the public services that will be affected if plans to downgrade our A&E go ahead for 24 hour blue light emergency service being moved to Basildon.

This is an email sent to the Essex Police and Crime Commissioner followed by the response. We hope it will make Essex Police seriously consider how the day to day Police service will also be affected. The response is giving nothing away however. FYI, the attached leaflet commented on in the response is a broad spectrum Success Regime Essex info sheet available on their website. We shall be featuring this in another post.

Dear Essex Police,
I’d like to know how the Commissioner feels about the proposed downgrading of Southend A&E under plans detailed by Success Regime Essex. It is increasingly likely that Southend will become a 24/7 walk in centre which is NOT open for admission to 999 Ambulances – all emergency Ambulances will have to go to Basildon.
The ambulance service do numerous transfers to hospital with police escorts both from custody at Southend and on general 999 calls within the locality where the patient is causing issue or is under arrest. I’m sure that Essex Police won’t be happy for their Southend/Rayleigh Officers being stranded in Basildon for hours on end at the ‘super A&E’. Shift cover is sparse as it is, without losing bodies to Basildon for hours at a time.
With ever increasing police cuts and fewer street patrols, I am concerned that the Southend area will have even less officers available to attend incidents.
I look forward to your response.

Dear SaveSouthend,
Thank you for your email dated 12th April 2017 regarding the proposed downgrading of Southend A&E under plans detailed by Success Regime Essex.
As you will note from the attached leaflet there will continue to be an A&E at all three sites, which includes Southend Hospital, for the vast majority of patients. The proposals being outlined are continuing to be discussed and a full public consultation will take place before any changes take place.
I am unable to comment on the impact to Essex Police as no changes have yet been agreed.
Thank you for taking the time to contact me.
Kind Regards
Roger Hirst
Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex
3 Hoffmanns Way | Chelmsford | Essex CM1 1GU

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