#SaveSouthend are honoured to receive a solidarity statement from Dr. Louise Irvine, Chair of the successful Save Lewisham A&E campaign and also the National Health Action Party Candidate running against Jeremy Hunt.

To Save our A&E Southend
Solidarity message from the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign
In 2012-13 our campaign fought successfully to keep Lewisham Hospital open – in 2013 we took Jeremy to court twice and won. Now in 2017 our busy hospital is bursting at the seams and the thought that it could have been closed is incredible to patients and staff alike.
Since then, NHS campaigns have grown all over the country – ending in the magnificent 250,000 national demonstration on 4 March.
We wish you all solidarity and success today – and are sorry we can’t be with you on 20 May due to all our commitments with the election.
I am standing against Jeremy Hunt in his own constituency as a Progressive candidate and will be campaigning hard to expose what he has done to the NHS.
Dr Louise Irvine, Chair – Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign.

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